The Difference an Experienced CFO can make?

What I do

Best of all, I am available on an as-needed basis to accomplish any or all of the following:

Strategic Planning

You may have a talented team and a fantastic vision but are too far in the weeds or aren’t sure how to navigate the business to greatness. It’s imperative to create a roadmap for accomplishing the business goals and objectives.

Debt and Equity Financing

I can assess your working capital needs and make sure your business has sufficient capital to fund growth.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Effective management requires the ability to predict the financial outcome of the business. Based on the goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan, I can assist in developing a sales forecast and expense budget to predict the financial results.

Financial Reporting

I will ensure the financial statements prepared for external users are accurate and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and will assist with the preparation of management reports for internal users.

Audit Oversight

My expertise allows me to ensure audits are accomplished timely and with minimal adjustments.

Business Transition Planning and Support

Is it time to sell or merge your business? I can ready the financial and legal records for buyer’s diligence with the purpose of driving maximum value to owner.

Get Help when you need it!

Why Bud Terrell?

I will help you navigate the challenges of managing a growing business.  So often I see businesses that have outgrown the skillset of their finance team.  When this occurs, it is common for the business owner to pitch in to solve the problems, which naturally causes many of the following issues:

• Growth slows because no one is driving the vision
• Profits sink because cost inflation begins to outpace sales growth
• The business owner gets burned out from excessive hours coupled with poor results
• Competitors begin to chisel away at the business’s market share

If this describes your situation, please call me for a complimentary consultation.

As a Consulting CFO, I work with companies with annual sales between $5 million and $75 million. Different from a financial controller who focuses on accounting for a business, I work with management to develop a strategic framework for the company in order to reignite sales growth and maximize cash flow, which enables the re-investment required to build generational wealth.

My mission is to deliver solutions to business owners that optimize financial performance (cash flow) and increase company valuation (wealth).

After earning a CPA with PriceWaterhouse Coopers, I moved to private industry and have enjoyed more than 30 years of experience that spans the gamut of financial management. I have experience at all levels of business finance, from controller to CFO, for companies in every stage: startup, high growth, low growth, and turnaround.

My pledge: I will add tangible and measurable value to your business or you don’t pay me. 

It’s that simple.

This is a bold statement and I can back it up 100%. My clients have earned multiples in tangible value versus what they’ve paid me for my expertise.

Call now for a complimentary consultation.

The Next Peak!

Have you reached a peak in your business, but you know there's still another echelon you can attain? Realizing the next tier, the next peak, is the exciting time when I can help. Your business has plateaued and you are ready for a new challenge. It is time to re-tool with additional talent, skills, and processes to elevate to the next peak.

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